Slide background "Spiritual transformation is not about behavior modification... it is about changing the source of the behavior." ~ Dallas Willard
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What's threatening your ability to connect?

God wants to heal it!

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Jesus said:

RIVERS of living
water will flow
from within

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Life's most
important questions,

all answered in
one book.

Who am I?

What am I worth?

Where is life found?

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We have all been deeply compromised!

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Can God Heal A Heart That Is...





Resources and Training for Christian Leaders

Would you like  to help people under your care more effectively address their inner life issues in a safe, group discipleship environment?

Would you like a staff training event for your team that uncovers blind spots and flushes out (read more…)

Opportunities for Personal Growth

Aphesis Group Ministries offers:
The Immersion Experience Group Discipleship Process.
Other recommended resources for personal growth.

Invest Financially in transforming hearts

To participate in God’s work of transforming hearts and lives, we depend on him to provide for us financially. The way that God does this is through partnering us with individuals and churches who give financial gifts. Click here to GIVE.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Real Life with Authentic People


God Rendered Speechless

A few years ago I had a colleague who introduced me to the writings of David Roper. David’s list of accomplishments is long and his reputation excellent. He is also a very generous man, and gave permission to the education ministry I served with at the time to use his materials in our discipleship courses. […]


What’s In Your Backpack?

Paula asks her young son a question. She’s noticed some interesting behavior from him and wonders what’s up. Her son’s answer is precious and humorous … but it leads Paula to ask the question again … of herself. And we ask you: “What’s in your backpack?” Enjoy this special guest post from Paula Pust, Aphesis […]


God’s Giggles About My Wrinkles

I am surrounded by more voices than I can count. They pour forth from television shows and commercials, Internet articles and ads, magazine covers and top ten lists, movies, billboards, and glances from strangers. They’re the same voices my grandmother, mom, and sister-in-law have heard, and I know my young niece will hear over and […]


An Unexpected Response

As I sat across the table from my friend, Pastor Randy, I had a tightness in my chest and I was feeling somewhat anxious. I needed to come clean with him on an issue that I had been struggling with. I had finally decided that this issue had snake bitten me too many times and […]