Aphesis Group Ministries provides experienced trainers, speakers and intentional processes to churches and Christian organizations who desire to go deeper in their relationships with God and others. Contact us for information about booking an event at your location.

  1. Untying the Knots of the Heart discipleship process: This discipleship process is uniquely effective at allowing God to transform hearts in the context of a healthy, guided small group experience (more info…).
  2. Untying the Knots of the Heart Experience Weekend: This conference provides participants an opportunity to immerse themselves in God’s life-changing truths and begin to see the importance of integrating them into their hearts in a transformational way (more info…).
  3. Training Christian Leaders: We would like to train people in your organization to be Untying the Knots of the Heart facilitators. In addition, we deliver customized leadership training events. Contact us for more details.
  4. Targeted Subject Seminars:
  • Forming a healthy identity
  • Creating an authentic and safe small group environment
  • Recovering from religious abuse or injury
  • Engaging in healthy communication for stronger marriages and parenting
  • Understanding the role of emotions
  • Understanding the role of pain and how to manage it (covers addictions and coping mechanisms)
  • Understanding healthy grieving
  • Recovering from a dysfunctional family background
  • Our culture’s impact on the heart
  • Understanding the fall’s impact on the heart
  • Understanding the power of shame