Totnado hits Alabama

Damage Not So Visible

It’s now late spring, the time of year for tornadoes to begin their reign of terror in many parts of our country. Once again, daily news reports inform us of the current death toll and devastation and havoc tornadoes are causing on a weekly basis. Images stream over the internet and television of entire neighborhoods, sometimes entire towns, that have been wiped out and flattened, now nothing but scattered rubble.

Relief organizations are again mobilizing to literally pick up the pieces and begin the long process of rebuilding and helping give hope and relief to victims of these storms. I’m always deeply moved by the images of the men and women who give their resources, time, and energy to help rescue, recover, re-frame, rebuild, restore, and renew the homes to which the tornadoes have laid waste.

Worse than tornadoes, western culture and dysfunctional families have left an even greater wake of devastation in the inner lives of the majority of Christians today.

The devastation of shattered dreams, broken trusts, splintered piles of unresolved relational hurt and pain, crumpled expectations, tangled emotions, broken spirits, burning unmet desires, and heaps of discontentment have left people feeling worthless, fearful, ashamed, hurt, and alone. As real as the devastation and damage is, very little of it is visible to the naked eye.

Though the effects of these tornadoes reside deep within the heart, we can see some of the tangible outward visible results in fragmented families and other failed relationships, addictions, abuse, rampant depression, suicides, anxiety, and numerous other painful situations and experiences.

However dysfunctional it may be, many of us simply call this wreckage “life” or even the “Christian life“. Shaken, we continue to stuff the pain, pull ourselves up, force a smile, and press on trying to live the “normal Christian life”—inauthentic though it may be. Real love, joy, peace, and hope are inner life traits we think others are experiencing, but for some reason God is withholding from us personally.

Imagine how ridiculous it would be if a family came out of their storm cellars after a tornado had just wiped out their house and they began to continue living in the rubble of what was once their home, like nothing had happened. Picture people setting up tables, chairs, beds, furnishings, and decorations in the midst of the chaotic rubble; with no roof or walls, they force a smile and carry on as though nothing happened.

Could it be that the Father wants to open our eyes to the real condition of our homes and the tornadoes that have devastated our hearts?

Is it possible, in the aftermath and wake of western culture and broken families, that his people, through his Word and the Spirit’s power, could together begin mobilizing a major relief effort to help rescue, revive, recover, re-frame, rebuild, restore, and renew the brokenhearted? This is what the gospel was intended to do!

In a very real way Aphesis Group Ministries is part of God the Father’s assistance program and relief effort to help restore the LIFE that God intended for the Christian heart. Please pray and continue to help give toward this great relief effort.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Butch Dill / Associated Press.

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