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God Is Not The Least Bit Impressed

When speaking during a retreat or at one of our Aphesis Group weekend experiences, I will often strongly exclaim, “God’s love and delight for us is deeper than we can ever imagine … however, he is not the least bit impressed with us.” The looks on people’s faces tell me this sometimes sounds confusing. But […]

Imagined Journal Entries From Home (3 of 3)

A hand embraced my shoulder from behind. Turning me away from the cross toward himself, there stood before me an older man, his face full of strength but with eyes full of understanding and compassion. It was as though his eyes peered into the deepest part of my soul. I can’t fully describe the awe […]

Imagined Journal Entries from Home (2 of 3)

I remember I was looking into my dad’s eyes as he told me, “We have so much to talk about, so much to catch up on. Tim, it’s all so incredible …” My dad stopped mid-sentence. His eyes were being drawn to someone behind me. I could tell by the look on his face—a look […]

Imagined Journal Entries From Heaven (1 of 3)

There are days, some more than others, that I simply need hope! I need hope that there is something bigger and better on the other side of the chaos and pain I often feel. There are times I feel the need to park my mind and focus my attention on heaven, that place where Jesus […]

Damage Not So Visible

It’s now late spring, the time of year for tornadoes to begin their reign of terror in many parts of our country. Once again, daily news reports inform us of the current death toll and devastation and havoc tornadoes are causing on a weekly basis. Images stream over the internet and television of entire neighborhoods, […]

Living at 45 Degrees and Calling It Warm

Could you imagine living in a place that is 45 degrees Fahrenheit and calling it warm? I can. If a person lived most their life in a place that was 35 degrees colder than that, they most likely would call 45 degrees not only warm, but maybe even toasty. The annual average temperature in Barrow, […]