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Starting an Untying the Knots small group ministry at my church

  • Identify leaders and send them to a facilitator training (at least one male and one female).
  • Contact Aphesis Group Ministries to receive a start-up kit → 208.887.9280

Facilitator Responsibilities

  • Ensure a safe group environment for open group sharing.
  • Co-teach the Biblically-based Immersion Experience material and concepts (power point presentations and notes are provided)
  • Facilitate the mixed gender and gender specific group discussions

In addition to attending the weekly group meeting, facilitators attend a facilitators’ meeting once a week for approximately 90 minutes to discuss the material with other facilitators and discuss any challenges or group dynamics that need to be addressed.

Register for a Training

We are available for speaking engagements, retreats and seminars. Please email or call our office at 208.887.9280 to schedule an event or use one of our speakers.