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 What is the church or Christian organization’s role with Aphesis?

Their role is to select and oversee the Untying the Knots Process facilitators in addition to providing a place for groups to meet during The Untying the Knots process. Churches find that the Untying the Knots process is most effective if it is an integrated part of their overall discipleship program for those who are part of their church family.

 When is the best time of year to start groups?

Most groups begin in mid-September or mid-January but you can set your start date based on whatever works best for you. We don’t recommend running a group through the summer.

 Do groups take any weeks off or breaks?

Most groups starting in the fall take one week off in November and two weeks off in Dec/Jan and then groups starting the beginning of the year will often take one week off in the spring.

 What day and time are most groups held?

The majority of groups are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening from 6:30pm-9:30pm or 7:00pm-10:00pm. This decision is usually based on whatever works best for the facilitators and the church.

 Why is this different from a Bible study or home group?

This is a special growth opportunity for people who want to go deeper in their understanding of and relationship with God, self, and others. It is not intended to replace any existing small group structure, materials, or classes. There is commitment involved and there is a fee to participate, and participants agree to a set of Norms & Values which helps set the group up for success.

 What is the best way to invite people to participate in groups?

By far, the best way of sharing this ministry is through one-on-one, heartfelt conversations and personal invitation. Once a church/organization has had groups going, word of mouth from the participants and facilitators is often what influences people to participate in subsequent groups. In addition, we can provide many helpful aids for sharing this ministry such as video testimonies, presentations, and flyers via our website. These are great tools to use during a service, informational meeting, or insert in bulletins.

 What is involved in the group registration process?

Group registration is handled by church / Christian organization hosting the group.  They will provide participants all the necessary materials and interface directly with Aphesis Group Ministries.

 What support is provided to facilitators?

The facilitator training conferences equip individuals with the basic knowledge necessary to facilitate Untying the Knots groups. We provide weekly PowerPoint presentations and Facilitator Tips as teaching tools for use during the weekly facilitators’ meeting and during the lesson review portion of each group. The weekly facilitator meetings provide an opportunity for mutual support and assistance in preparation for the week’s lesson. In addition, short, online videos are available on the Aphesis website in the facilitator resource section. When you become a facilitator, you will be given a login and password to access these videos. They give lesson-specific details and help clarify illustrations that are better understood by listening / watching. And, most importantly, we want you to contact us anytime with any questions. We want to help. Call us at (208) 887-9280 or write to


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