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The Untying the Knots Process is a Biblical 22-lesson group discipleship process for people who desire to go deeper with God and others…

 Why is there a need for the Untying the Knots Process?

We all have areas of our hearts where the Gospel has not yet reached. Western culture and rampant dysfunctional family backgrounds are having a devastating effect on the inner life of the majority of Christians today. The outcomes of the average Christian’s inner life condition are evident: epidemic levels of relational breakdown, loneliness, suicide, depression, addictions, etc.
Through a 22 lesson small group process called Untying the Knots of the Heart, you can help the Gospel go where it was intended to go …to the deepest hurts, doubts, and pain of the heart. The 22 lesson notebook is accompanied by a new Untying the Knots of the heart video series that helps facilitate each group session. This Bible-based process and the concepts it presents are being used by some of the largest Christian organizations and churches around the U.S. and world. The results are simply life transforming!

 Is this a good fit for me?

People are unique and we are not offering a “one size fits all” solution for spiritual growth. Based on what past participants have told us, this experience would likely benefit you if one or more of these statements describes you:

  • My relationship with God has grown cold and somewhat mechanical.
  • I desire deeper, more satisfying relationships with those closest to me.
  • I have struggled with depression or anxiety from time to time.
  • I desire to better emulate God the Father’s parenting style.
  • I tend to repeat behaviors that distance me from God and others.
  • I have had challenges overcoming my dysfunctional family background.
  • I desire to be more authentic in my relationship with God and others.

 What is the cost?

 The cost for this life-transforming experience is $129.

UTK video series now available:
The cost for this life-transforming experience is $129 for each participant. Group facilitators participate free of charge.

UTK video series now available:
Lesson by lesson video content to help facilitate discussion, review material, and help lead group exercises is available for lease.

  • The lease cost is a one-time fee of $100 and lasts for the indefinite duration of ministry use.
  • An additional $50 deposit is required and will be refunded after the safe return of the UTK Video case and USB drive to Aphesis Group Ministries.
  • The Untying the Knots of the Heart video series leased is for the sole purpose of being used within the context of the UTK small group process by Aphesis Group trained facilitators. See Facilitator training for details.

 What are the logistics?

Our traditional format includes 22 weekly meetings with a co-ed group of between 10-16 people. The weekly meeting is led by two trained facilitators (1 male / 1 female). During the weekly 3 hour meeting, half of the time is spent in the large co-ed group discussing the week’s lesson. In the latter half of the meeting men and women separate to discuss more personal application of the material. There are other options available (14 week, or a Part 1 and Part 2 option). You can learn learn more about these by contacting us at