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Helping bring spiritual, emotional, and relational health back to God’s people.


The constant pursuit of becoming who God intended us to be, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. We believe that spiritual health leads to emotional health, which in turn produces healthy relationships.

We instinctively believe that we are unconditionally loved by God and accepted by Him, regardless of our circumstances or our inherent weaknesses. This belief compels us to pursue intimacy with Him, over and above both personal comfort and/or religious performance. It also protects us from the temptation to hide or mask our brokenness. We are free to approach the throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:16), because we instinctively believe that we are both completely seen and utterly forgiven. Therefore we live from the motive of love, not fear. Instead of merely behaving for God, we care more about relating intimately with Him. We daily accept the divine invitation to immerse ourselves in the relational environment of the Trinity, and in doing so, we experience the grace, unity, agape love, joy, and peace therein. 

We believe that emotions are a gift from God. They are the sensory system of the soul. Emotions are not good or bad, they simply reveal what we instinctively believe. Thus, when we are spiritually healthy (see definition above), our emotional life will be rich and flourishing. The fruit of the Spirit will be readily apparent in our countenance. When we encounter stress or pain and reactive emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression begin to surface, we will acknowledge that our core beliefs need to be sorted out with God the Father so that we do not act out of our reactive emotions. When we are emotionally healthy, our dominant emotions will be peace and joy, because we know we are loved! 

 When we are rooted and grounded in Love and our internal state is peaceful and full of joy, we will be others-centered. We will “live loved” ~ free to enjoy and deeply value people for who they are, without the self-absorption, fear, pride, or shame that otherwise burdens our relationships. We may minister to others, but we will have nothing to prove. As we relate, we will be thinking more about what we can give than about what we can gain. Immersed in God’s grace, we will neither be tempted to hide our brokenness nor to criticize the brokenness of others. When this happens, safe communities are created that can be truly transformational. 

Aphesis Group Ministries is focused on partnering with churches and Christian organizations to help bring spiritual, emotional and relational health back to God’s people. We are best known for our 22-lesson discipleship process which goes beyond imparting spiritual truth and into a transformative process ….

Core Values

  1. “Living Loved” – living from the inside-out based on an active experience of being loved by the Father
  2. Increasingly aware – of their own ongoing brokenness and need for God. Health in our brokenness comes from increasingly developing a more accurate view of God.
  3. Safety – training churches and Christian organizations how to create a culture of safe environments that encourage honest, transparent personal life dialogue.
  4. “Transformational Community” – value being involved in a community based on Trinitarian family relationships.